KURVE is the metering & billing solution for your heat network. Created by SAV Systems and Insite Energy, this smart web-app is designed to cut costs and empower residents to track energy effortlessly.


KURVE combines the features of traditional physical in-home displays (IHDs) and payment portals into a single digital product. Doing so has reduced costs for our clients and consumers, and improves data transparency resulting in more energy conscious decisions made by residents.

In utilising Smart M-Bus technology, KURVE’s infrastructure takes advantage of two-way communication. Data is securely gathered from individual energy meters and stored in KURVE’s cloud-based systems hosted by Insite Energy. This allows for hourly meter readings to be used to regularly update residents on their energy consumption and account balance.

A phone with the KURVE homescreen, where people can choose between their heat & hot water account or their cooling account if they have dual utility set up.
KURVE cuts capital expenditure by 52%, operational expenditure by 19% and replacement expenditure by 97% for housing providers and property managers.


By removing the need for a physical IHD and incorporating a pre-wired heat interface unit (HIU), KURVE reduces capital (CapEx) and operational (OpEx) expenditure. Backed up by a robust wired M-Bus infrastructure with minimal maintenance requirements, KURVE lowers replacement expenditure (RepEx) too.

As a result of the intuitive KURVE webapp, properties on KURVE PAYG have nearly 20 times less debt** than those on credit billing. Residents on KURVE PAYG also consume 24% less energy than those on credit billing annually, equating to £121.17 savings on their energy bill.


KURVE was developed with you and your residents in mind. Through the KURVE web-app, residents can view their current balance instantly with a clear traffic light colour-coded system to indicate their current supply status.

Easy account access, low balance and out of credit email alerts, and multiple payment methods help to make your resident’s life simpler. You also have the freedom of easily switching accounts between PAYG, credit billing, and credit-as-you-go (CAYG)*** as per your preference or individual consumers’ circumstances.

A phone displaying the KURVE web-app. The phone displays the payment screen where consumers can select an amount they want to top up their account with.

*metering & billing **based on data from Insite’s portfolio *** CAYG is a unique hybrid of these two billing methods

How KURVE works

Utilising a wired M-Bus infrastructure for automatic meter readings (AMR), enables precise billing and energy monitoring. Unlike traditional M-Bus systems, this enhanced infrastructure allows for two-way communication. This allows heat suppliers to remotely switch between pay-as-you-go (PAYG), credit-as-you-go (CAYG), and credit billing, depending on their preference or individual consumer circumstances.

KURVE’s heat interface units (HIUs) come pre-wired and there is no need need for an in-home display (IHD). As a result, installation time and costs are significantly reduced.

What our clients have to say about KURVE

“Cambridge Investment Partnership has been a unique partnership, connecting the best of public and private sector expertise. When it came to selecting a metering solution, KURVE made the decision extremely easy. On a public sector level, KURVE was able to offer a cost-effective solution putting residents at the forefront. On a private sector level, the reduced carbon emissions that KURVE offers was a big priority.”

Iain Liversage, Technical Manager at Hill Group

“Like most local authorities, Spelthorne Borough Council is facing rising energy costs, and this encouraged us to look at new, digital options for heat metering. Besides looking for a system that would be as cost-efficient as possible to customers, we saw this as an opportunity to introduce convenient and easy to use technology. We were impressed by the whole life cost savings of the KURVE platform.”

Akin Akinyemi, Residential Estates & Facilities Manager at Spelthorne Borough Council

“The launch of KURVE and then the further addition of dual-utility functionality since the specification of Phase 1 of 250 City Road, presented a great opportunity for us to add extra value for our residents by giving them a user-friendly one-stop-shop to manage all their energy services. We have also been able to pass on significant savings by avoiding the need to install wall-mounted display units.”

Steven Jansen, Head of M&E at Berkeley North East London (BHNEL)


Additional software

RavenResidential by EnergiRaven

Energy Monitoring is a prerequisite for keeping the cost of heat as low as possible and will help to ensure that a heat network remains an attractive asset throughout its lifespan.

The RavenResidential platform is designed to help heat networks deliver their promise of reliably providing low-cost, low-carbon heat. As the platform can be linked to an existing M-Bus network, there is no need for additional hardware when using KURVE.