Monitoring and Billing on the same M-Bus Infrastructure

Using an M-Bus infrastructure will allow the remote reading of individual dwelling, distribution and energy centre equipment meters for both billing and energy monitoring. Inherent to an M-Bus network is that the meter data can be freely accessed by all relevant parties throughout the lifespan of the Heat Network.

EnergiRaven is an energy
monitoring, management and
Heat Network optimisation
platform utilising AMR data.

KURVE is an equitable billing platform and
consumer web app. KURVE offers the Heat
Network owner additional flexibility to bill
via either Pay as You Go (PAYG), Credit as
You Go (CAYG) or credit billing.

Traditional credit billing

Where an M-Bus network has been
installed, data for traditional credit
billing will always be easily available.

Encouraging Heat Networks to Flourish

Energy Monitoring is a prerequisite for keeping the cost of heat as low as possible and will help to ensure that a Heat Network remains an attractive asset throughout its lifespan. The RavenResidential platform is designed to help Heat Networks deliver their promise, which is to reliably provide low-cost, low-carbon heat.

Our Danish Connection

myEnergiRaven was the first digital energy monitoring system developed in Denmark. Created by EnergiData with the ambition to improve the energy efficiency and lower the cost of energy for commercial and multi residential property owners as part of a complex building portfolio.


The intuitive myEnergiRaven software portal collects, converts, and breaks down traditional energy consumption data into user-friendly metrics for the whole Heat
Network, down to the individual dwelling, distribution and energy centre equipment meters. This approach using comparative data, pinpoints the worst performing
dwellings, as well as allowing the operator to scrutinise and improve network and energy centre efficiency.

Key features

Performance Based Servicing

Offers continuous improvement of performance through
benchmarking of key metrics from building level down
to the individual dwelling and sub-meter.

Real Time Data

Intuitive and simple drill down to locate faults
i.e. by block, building and dwelling. View in real
time when faults have been fixed.

Further reading

Mill Road, Ironworks

Cambridge Investment Partnership is a unique partnership connecting the best of public and private sector expertise in need of a unique monitoring & billing solution for their heat network schemes. Ironworks is the first of six developments to be live on RavenResidential.

EnergiRaven Mill Road Case Story

RavenResidential Heat Networks

RavenResidential offers the heat network owner an audit trail of performance throughout the lifespan of the heat network.